3 Year Rule for EU Pharmacists. Change in Legislation

The Flame Health Pharmacy Team have some fantastic news this week!
There has been a change in legislation relating to the Draft Medicines Act 1968 (Pharmacy).
EU qualified Pharmacists are now able to be responsible for stores less than 3 years old in the UK. Please visit the below link for more information on the Draft Medicine Act 1968 (Pharmacy)
New Legislation
What does this mean? This will now open a number of career opportunities for you, so get in contact today!
If there is a new pharmacy in your area that you would love to work for then get in touch with the Flame Health Pharmacy Team.  We have fantastic opportunities with the leading multiples, high street, chains, and independent pharmacies throughout the entire UK.
Be the first to send in your CV to pharmacy@flamehealth.com and suggest your location / store of choice and a member of our pharmacy team will represent you.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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