An Increase in Private Healthcare Appointments. Will the NHS lose out?

With growing patient waiting lists on the NHS many people are opting to go private.
A new report has shown that due to these waiting lists, private healthcare firms are expecting an increase in business. Delays or even denied treatments by the NHS within the 18 week deadline set by the government could be the result in this movement to private clinics.
In a survey of 101 influential industry figures, 34% said budgetary pressure in the NHS had led to increased demand for private healthcare.
Chief executive of NHS Partners Network said that "We are certainly picking up that some patients are being asked to wait longer than they would have expected and are therefore deciding to pay for themselves rather than wait."
Many PCTs are rationing access to care as the NHS struggles to adjust to a 0.1% annual increase in its budget, after years of big rises, and the need to make £20bn of efficiency savings by 2015.
The private healthcare market has therefore seen a growing trend compared to 2008 when the market was hit hard. The NHS backlogs are increasing business throughout the UK. Patients can also choose where to be treated and so this could also be another reason for the increase. 
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