Do you take your children for regular eye tests?

Flame Health are shocked that a poll recently conducted by Vision Express has shown that fewer than half of patients said they take their children for an eye test at least once a year.
The survey showed that parents are more likely to take their children out to buy new shoes or to get a new hair cut than have their eyes tested before the start of a school year. Shockingly 30% of parents said they never take their children to see an optometrist.
Worryingly 13% of parents would be concerned about their child being teased at school if they had to wear spectacles. Is this one of the reasons why the optical appointments are never booked?! And confusingly parents were worried about the cost of an eye test. Tests are free on the NHS for children 16 and under.
It is vital that children receive regular eye tests. It is an important part of health maintenance for everyone and can detect early signs of eye cancer and diabetes.
As an Optometrist, what do you think to this report? Do you think that eye tests for children should be advertised in a different way? Please let Flame Health know your thoughts.

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