Vehicle Fleets: Regular Eye Tests Required

The Fleet Safety Forum, a division of the road safety charity Brake, has launched the Look Sharp promotion in a sponsorship deal with Boots Opticians.
Managers of commercial vehicle fleets are being called on to ensure their company drivers have regular eye examinations in a new campaign. A poster and e-guidance campaign pack is available to managers, alerting drivers and managers to the importance of regular eyesight tests.
The poster aims to help fleet managers get the message across to drivers that it is vital to have a sight test every two years to ensure they can see hazards on the roads. And the e-guidance material discusses eyesight problems, and gives guidance on what action can be taken to prevent them among drivers.
The Fleet Safety Forum stated that every year in the UK alone an estimated 12.5 million people who need a test do not have one, and one-in-six drivers cannot see well enough to pass the basic eyesight test.
The Look Sharp campaign pack is available for free to the first 50 companies who order it. Thereafter it costs £7.45 plus p&p. The pack is also provided free of charge to members of Brake’s Fleet Safety Forum, the charity’s not-for-profit service which aims to help companies stop accidents through better road risk management.

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