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Are looking for your first practice or adding to your already proven portfolio? Flame Health Practice Sales & Joint Ventures can support you.

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JVP & Practice Sales

Practice Sales, JVP & FranchIse

Buying or Selling? - We are a full Service Business Transfer Consultancy

An Efficient and Effective Service

We have direct access and long term relationships with a wide range of organisations and individuals that are constantly looking for new Practice Sales, Joint Venture Partnership (JVP) or Franchise Opportunities, either to add to their existing portfolio or looking for their first practice. Conversely, we have a wide array of business owners that are looking to Sell their Practice, Sell Shares in a Joint Venture Partnership, Franchise or listen to proposals on how to exit, or alternatively sell and potentially stay within their existing business in some capacity to ensure a smooth transition.

Given the diversity of requirements within our existing client network, it is vital that we consistently interact with our clients on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Along with more traditional methods, one of the most efficient ways we manage this process is through our Website & Social Portfolio and Database in order to interact quickly and effectively with our growing network of over 200,000 professionals.

As mentioned above our client network has a wide range of specific requirements, so we ensure that we only consult with our clients as and when appropriate in order to meet their specific requirements. This results in a truly bespoke service by not wasting valuable time and effort in presenting our client network with unsuitable opportunities.

We ensure visibility – How we market your business or intent

Whether you are Buying a Practice or Selling a Practice it is vital to ensure maximum visibility is achieved in order to raise awareness of your opportunity or requirement. Our Practice Visibility Strategy is at the nucleus of our business, and is spearheaded by our website portfolio; it is the lifeblood of our organisation and is a key differentiator over our competition.

Our online service offering is continuously being developed on a monthly basis which means that we never stagnate as a company. This ensures that we progressively move with technology whilst still providing our proven traditional range of services in order to accommodate the diversity of our clients’ projects and accommodate their individual preferences.

For more information regarding Managed Services, Optical, Dental, Pharmacy, Audiology, GP Practice Sales and Joint Venture Partnerships or any of our additional range of services please Send us a Message or alternatively Speak to a Practice Sales/JVP Team

Overview of our service:

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Flame Health Associates website portfolio
  • Internal database marketing
  • Proven email marketing campaigns
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • International, National & Regional exposure
  • Established presence on social networks
  • Pro-active resourcing
  • Referral scheme
  • Optometry, Dental, Audiology & Pharmacy

Joint Venture Partnership and Franchise Opportunities

Given the present climate of economic instability, setting up a new business can be a precarious proposition and is something that needs to be carefully considered prior to embark on a new venture, however, if you are interested in starting your own business, and you have obvious concerns about setting up on your own, there are some excellent organisations, providing quality platforms from which to start and grow a successful business.

Choosing which Joint Venture Partnership or Franchise opportunity is the most suitable can be a complicated process; the good news is that if this is the route you are looking to take there are some excellent opportunities we have access to.

Market Leading Client Base

Our portfolio of clients, provides you with a reputable brand from which to build a business, assistance with marketing both in and out of the practice and access to a proven suppliers network that can prove invaluable from the outset. These key components can prove vital by removing a large part of the inherent difficulties normally associated with setting up a new or taking over an existing business.

As you can appreciate the range of benefits varies from company to company, and each opportunity is unique. Below is a generic example of the various types of benefits you could expect to receive. We provide you with up-to-date information regarding the latest opportunities available for Franchise or Joint Venture Partnership opportunities. We have long-standing and established relationships with leading providers across Optometry, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Audiology, Veterinary and other specialist areas across the Health Sector.

For more information regarding the latest Optical, Dental, Pharmacy Audiology JVP & Franchise opportunities, please send us a message or alternatively Speak directly to our JVP & Franchise team- 0800 085 0858

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