Eye care news - Scottish campaign focuses on driving safety

Eye care news – Scottish campaign focuses on driving safety

Eye care news - Scottish campaign focuses on driving safety

Eye care news UK from the Flame Health blog! A campaign by Road Safety Scotland and the Scottish Government is highlighting how changes in vision and health can affect driving.

Road Safety Scotland and The Scottish Government have launched a new campaign. It puts a spotlight on the importance of regular eye examinations.

The Fitness to Drive campaign will inform the public about links between health and driving. Particularly encouraging drivers aged 60 and over to have regular eye examinations to continue driving safely. The campaigners shared recent statistics that revealed 29% of car driver casualties killed or seriously injured in road collisions in 2022 were aged over 60.

An introduction to the campaign shared: “As you get older, changes in your vision and other health issues can affect your driving. There are lots of things you can do to continue driving safely. Like getting a free NHS eye examination.” Family and friends who may have an influence on older drivers are being encouraged to initiate discussions about driving. Which, the campaigners acknowledged, can be a sensitive topic.

The campaign will also ask drivers aged over 60 to assess whether other health-related issues might be affecting the way they drive. The campaign launched on 8 January across TV, video on demand, radio, digital, social and press. Older drivers have shared how they have adapted their driving as their vision changes. This comes as part of the campaign, emphasising the key message: ‘Don’t ignore changes in your vision.’

stakeholder toolkit has been developed to help share the messages of the campaign with the public. Resources include posters, social media content, website and newsletter banners and copy, and leaflets.

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