NEHW 2023: raising awareness of eye health

NEHW 2023: raising awareness of eye health

NEHW 2023: raising awareness of eye health

OT  gathers a selection of the sector’s plans for recognising National Eye Health Week. So, National Eye Health Week (NEHW) is underway, promoting the importance of regular eye tests through a series of themes and activities.

Taking place over seven days between 18 – 24 September, the campaign includes daily themes, ranging from NHS eligibility to myopia.

Speaking to OT, David Cartwright, chair of Eye Health UK, the organisation leading National Eye Health Week, described the week as “an opportunity to highlight the importance of eye health, what people can do to improve and enhance their eye health, and to raise the profile of routine sight tests.”

NEHW 2023 themes wrap-up

  1. NHS Eye Care and Support
  2. Myopia and Me
  3. Digital Eye Care
  4. Eye on Mental Health
  5. Live Well, See Well
  6. Vision Matters Photographic Competition and Exhibition
  7. Smoking and Sight Loss

Read more about the themes here.

20 years of Vision Care for Homeless People

Vision Care for Homeless People (VCHP) is encouraging the optical community to get involved with the charity.

Janice English, trustee of VCHP, said the charity was grateful for initiatives that raise the importance of eye care in the public conscience, adding: “So often, good vision is taken for granted.”

“Our homeless communities often have difficulty accessing eye care and know how tough it can be to live with impaired sight,” she said.

“Trying to function with uncorrected vision, and a desperate need for glasses, is something that few of us can imagine, but this is the daily reality for thousands of people, here in the UK.”

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