Pharmacists – Insight: Future of the profession is in safe hands

Pharmacists - Insight: The future of the profession is in safe hands

Pharmacists - Insight: By Alexander Humphries* - I write this sitting in the glorious sunshine of an English country garden. The bells of the local church are tolling a joyful chorus on what is one of my favourite days of the year – pre-reg results day...

Whether you joined the register last year, or 30 years ago, I’m sure you can still recall the thrill. As well as the terror of that first moment when the patient/customer asked to speak to the pharmacist — and you realised that you were it!

I can’t say that I recall that specific moment, but I remember the feeling of professional pride. Mixed with the overwhelming hope that this was going to be a question that I could answer.

In some respects, I envy those pharmacists now taking their first independent steps in their careers. There has never been so much opportunity for pharmacists entering our profession. Whether it is in a community or hospital pharmacy, or a primary care role that didn’t even exist when I qualified.

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Pharmacists - Insight

Pharmacists - Insight: The future of the profession is in safe hands

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