The Results are in!

With our last Research Poll, we asked the question – How would you prefer to communicate about a potential vacancy? – Via the telephone, face to face, email, live chat or other.
As you can see from the results, it is great to see that out on top was 55% of you preferring to communicate via email, 29% via the telephone, 11% through live chat, 4% via face to face and 1% other.
These results certainly clarify what we have been witnessing for some time. Email is an efficient way to communicate when using the telephone is not an option. With the constant development of smart phones has made it even easier to use the internet on the go. Communicating via an email is in some cases quicker, convenient to you and to the point.
However, the results do show that 29% of you would like to still communicate via the telephone. Our partners are available throughout the day, tailoring to your needs so that they can speak from 8.30am through to 8pm.
It has been great to see that a live chat function is a way in which you would like to communicate. This new function allows you to speak to us how you want and when you want. Speaking to us on the live chat allows you to speak directly to a support team who can answer your questions quickly and efficiently. My Flame Health created the live chat function from the response of this poll and it is great to see My Flame Health members utilising this on a daily basis.

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