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Dentist indemnity cover made compulsory as General Dental Council is strengthened
All dentists will have to take out full indemnity cover before registration, the Government has announced, and the rule will be extended to all other health professionals in the future.
Published: 25 July 2005      Ref: BBC
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Dental reforms’ slow pace criticised
The pace of change on dental reforms was criticised in a recent report by MPs, pointing out that two million people are unable to register for NHS dental care because of the national shortage of dentists.
Published: 18 July 2005      Ref: Guardian
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Neonatal units forced to turn away new admissions
A new survey has found that more than 70% of neonatal units in the UK have had to shut their doors to new admissions at some point in the last six months, most saying they had not been able to take any more sick and premature babies due to too few nurses.
Published: 18 July 2005      Ref: BBC
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Warnings of two-tier NHS
The Healthcare Commission has warned that the NHS is set to become a two-tier service with independent foundation hospitals attracting patients from less successful hospitals that remain under government control.
Published: 11 July 2005      Ref: Guardian
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Countries told to stop poaching doctors
James Johnson, chairman of the British Medical Association, has called on Tony Blair and George Bush to end their countries’ “obscene exploitation” of the developing world through the poaching of scarce medical staff.
Published: 5 July 2005      Ref: Guardian
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Nurse prescribing viewed positively by patients
Independent nurse prescribing, according to a new study published in the Department of Health, is viewed positively by patients, doctors, and nurses, with patients calling the accessibility a major advantage.
Published: 5 July 2005      Ref: Department of Health
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New actions to tackle pharmaceutical fraud
A new partnership between the NHS Counter Fraud Service (NHS CFS) and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (RPSGB) aims to crack down on pharmaceutical fraud, including bogus pharmacists and people stealing the identities of real pharmacists.
Published: 27 June 2005      Ref: Medical News Today
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