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Male contraceptive study expanded

... Lissner said men want to take responsibility and control of contraception.

She said: "At least in the US, the idea that men aren't willing to participate is clearly out of date.

"Men want to control their own destinies."

Stopping sperm

A recent study of over 9,000 men in nine countries on four continents showed more than 60% of men in Spain, Germany, Mexico and Brazil expressed willingness to use a new male contraceptive.

These men said they would like to relieve their partners of some of the contraceptive burden in their relationship or would simply like a reliable backup to condoms.

Investigators are looking at using hormonal methods, similar to the female pill or implants.

In the pilot, men had no sperm or too few in their semen to cause pregnancy

These have the advantage of being readily reversible, meaning a man could use it repeatedly at different times in his life, stopping to have children in between.

But these act on the whole body and can have unwanted side effects, like the female pill. Some men also say they do not find hormonal methods acceptable because they feel it somehow threatens their masculinity.

Scientists have been searching for less invasive, localised, non-hormonal and reversible male contraceptives.

Surgeons have tested a silicone gel that can be injected through the skin of the scrotum directly into the vas deferens where it will block sperm.

The main concern about the IVD and the gel is the build up of pressure behind ... continue > 

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Published: 9 October 2006      Ref: BBC News


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