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Employers face tough recruitment climate

Employers are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit the right people, in a tough recruitment climate impacted by low unemployment, a buoyant labour market and a highly mobile workforce, according to the 2007 Hydrogen Employment Attitudes Survey.
The report, based on a survey of 1,800 employers and employees, found that 60 per cent of businesses in professional sectors find it hard to recruit the appropriate staff, with 62 per cent complaining that there is a shortage of suitably qualified or skilled people in their industry.
Ian Temple, executive chairman of the Hydrogen Group, said: "The fact is that it's currently harder than ever for 'prestige' companies to recruit appropriately-skilled staff, thanks to factors such as sustained high employment and the reduced graduate intakes in many industries between 2001 and 2004."
The skills shortages is forcing companies to consider increasing remuneration and bonuses, with a third pledging to review their reward scheme to attract and retain staff. Others are forced to look internationally to recruit, with 35 per cent of legal recruiters and 22 per of finance recruiters now looking abroad to meet their recruitment targets.
"There's currently a 'perfect storm' of factors working against companies hiring in high-earning sectors. To counter this, recruitment must become central to business strategy, rather than languish as a process owned by one department," Mr Temple added.

Published: 9 July 2007      Ref: Hydrogen Group press release


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