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PAs Increase Executive Productivity by 25%

According to research out today from the new office recruitment website,, PAs boost the productivity of British business leaders by an average of 25%.

British bosses have admitted that a quarter of their output can be attributed to the invaluable contribution they receive from their PAs.

The Trusted PA
In H2Office's 'Office Life' survey, Personal Assistants describe their primary role as being their boss's 'right hand'. However, whilst it's widely acknowledged that the role of the PA has changed over the years, requiring business skills above and beyond those of a traditional secretary, few would expect to see 'confidante' as part of their job description.

But that is exactly how British executives view their PAs, with 40% stating that they would trust their PA with a secret - more than those trusting their brothers (38%), sisters (32%), or their own boss (29%), and almost twice as many as those trusting their colleagues (23%). Just 1% of Britain's bosses would trust a priest with a secret!

What's My Motivation?
PAs themselves appear to have embraced their changing role within the workplace, with almost half (49%) stating they are 'happy' and 'motivated' in their career, and over a quarter (26%) regarding their job as an 'an interesting career'.

PAs also show commitment to their role with 41% regularly working unpaid overtime and 84% confessing that they sometimes feel stressed at work.

A Little Respect...
It would appear, however, that ... continue > 

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Published: 18 August 2006      Ref:


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