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Whats important to graduates when choosing employers?

Graduate recruiters spend vast amounts of money and time to raise their profile and popularity on campus. But how effective are their efforts?
What makes students choose one employer over another? Europe's leading graduate careers publisher GTI has released the first sector-based student research - GTI Employer of choice graduate survey 2006 - covering 16 sectors of work. The research is based on over 20,000 students and recent graduates' responses using data gathered through the annual TARGET National Graduate Recruitment Awards survey.

When asked what was important in choosing between employers, respondents placed a higher importance on training and development opportunities than starting salary and were almost as keen to approve of the environmental policies of the organization. But in finance and law, students were much more influenced by the reputation of the employer than those interested in other sectors.

Despite encouragement from parents and careers advisers, nearly 40% have either not started looking or done only a little research into their future careers. However, there was a very different picture in the financial and law sectors where students had done more research and many had already started applying for jobs.

Other findings of the survey:

· With 20% of the total vote, the investment banking and investment sector was the most popular sector of work with students.

· The Construction and Retail sectors were the least popular and this argues ... continue > 

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Published: 18 August 2006      Ref: Source


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